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What is Embrace RF?

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Men and women who are in their late adult years may slowly notice the common signs of aging creeping up on them. They may find that they are noticing the person in the mirror experiencing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin around the jawline, chin, and neck. Instead of speaking to […]

What is Pro-nox?

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Patients who are undergoing minimally-invasive procedures at Romo Plastic Surgery may feel uneasy about whether or not their anesthesia will ensure comfort. With Pro-nox, this worry is a thing of the past! Dr. Thomas Romo III offers Pro-nox, a specialized blend of 50/50 oxygen and nitrous oxide that can be incorporated into any procedure at […]

How Morpheus 8 can tighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

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While the process of aging will occur no matter what we do, there are ways for patients to slow the signs and help restore some of their youthful appearance. At Romo Plastic Surgery, many New York, NY area patients think of the traditional facelift as a way to add lift and reduce the appearance of […]

Addressing turkey neck with a platysmaplasty procedure

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Men and women who are presenting with the dreaded “turkey neck” may be interested in finding a solution to tighten the tissues and muscles while reducing the sagging skin in the area. Dr. Thomas Romo III works directly with men and women from the New York, NY area to educate them on popular treatment options, […]

How EmbraceRF can enhance your look

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Dr. Thomas Romo III of the New York, NY area is a plastic surgeon who is dedicated to offering patients not only cosmetic plastic surgeries, but noninvasive, nonsurgical solutions as well. When patients are struggling with the appearance of skin laxity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, they may believe their only option […]

Radiesse injections for a youthful appearance

Fine lines, wrinkles, and folds are inevitable as we age. This is because the skin naturally loses collagen and elastin stores which maintain a youthful look to the facial skin. When patients begin to notice the signs of aging on their face, they may think that a facelift is the best way to address them. […]

Learn more about the neck lift procedure with Dr. Thomas Romo III

Men and women who are experiencing the signs of aging often don’t realize how the appearance of the neck area contributes to one’s aging appearance. While the face is often the first to show skin laxity and the development of fine lines and wrinkles, the neck also plays a part. Skin laxity results in drooping […]

What is Accutite?

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While facial treatments such as brow lifts and facelifts are effective at helping patients combat the unwanted signs of aging, they are not the only options available to patients in the area of New York, NY. Dr. Thomas Romo III and his team of Romo Plastic Surgery are pleased to offer less invasive alternatives to […]

Understanding otoplasty for children

Deformed or prominent ears are more than just an aesthetic issue. For many children, they are also the source of unwanted teasing and jokes. When children are faced with these imperfections, their parents often want to find a way to help. One of the most effective solutions is that of plastic surgery. While many parents […]

Reduction Structured Rhinoplasty

The term, Rhinoplasty, usually means make the nose smaller. An alternate name for this procedure is called a Reduction Rhinoplasty. Interestingly, the technique of Reduction Rhinoplasty is over 100 years old and is the most common technique used by plastic surgeons. What we know today is that using this older procedure usually results in noses […]

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