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Pro-Nox In NYC

What Is Pro-Nox?

Our experience in plastic surgery and nonsurgical treatments has taught us to prioritize patient comfort in more than one way. ProNox® is an accompanying service to many treatments that helps patients feel less anxious and more at ease. This innovative system delivers analgesic nitrous oxide to improve the patient experience during aesthetic treatments.

ProNox is a combination of nitrous oxide, a mild sedative, and oxygen. The use of nitrous oxide has been common for more than 100 years. It is frequently used in dentistry to ease dental anxiety in nervous patients and is now becoming popular during cosmetic procedures.

How Does Pro-Nox Work?

The primary purpose of ProNox is to relieve anxiety and nervousness related to minimally-invasive treatments. It is not used as an alternative for local anesthetic that numbs tissue but it does enhance the effects of anesthetic agents. When a person breathes nitrous oxide, their central nervous system slows down. A slowed central nervous system is less responsive to stimulation, which results in feelings of calm and peace. Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative; patients do not go to sleep during their procedure. They can communicate with the doctor and staff as needed to provide necessary feedback regarding comfort levels.

When Can Pro-Nox Pain Relief Be Used?

ProNox has quickly become a highly-requested service to combine with cosmetic procedures. Most patients have a strong desire to maintain maximum comfort as they seek to address aesthetic concerns. Physical comfort is only one aspect to consider. It is also necessary to acknowledge the emotional stress that many people experience before and during the treatments that will help them feel better about their appearance. With ProNox, patients get full control over this matter.

You may be excited to enhance your appearance in one of several ways but also nervous about the procedure. ProNox can help. This service is often combined with treatments such as:

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pro-Nox?

One of the most significant benefits of ProNox is that you are in control. You get to administer your own anesthesia using a disposable mouthpiece. Before we begin your treatment, you breathe the nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture. Within a few moments, you will begin to notice a marked decrease in psychological stress. You will feel calm and happy (nitrous oxide is sometimes referred to as laughing gas). As your nervousness dissipates, we conduct your treatment as planned. Remember, you do not go to sleep with ProNox so you can communicate with us throughout your procedure.

Once your treatment is finished, you stop the delivery of your anesthetic. Within 5 to 10 minutes, all of the effects that nitrous oxide has had on your central nervous system lift. You can safely drive and resume all normal activities.

  • ProNox is self-administered
  • Effects begin in seconds
  • Effective relief from nervousness
  • Local numbing medications are enhanced
  • Short recovery, normal activities can be resumed upon leaving the office

Is Pro-Nox Safe?

ProNox is the self-delivery system with which patients can administer nitrous oxide, a common form of inhalation sedation. Nitrous oxide is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of sedation used in clinical settings. Patients of all ages, including children, have been successfully calmed using nitrous oxide for necessary treatments. The ProNox system has built-in safety mechanisms that prevent infection and imbalance in the ratio of nitrous oxide to oxygen delivery. If levels of nitrous oxide or oxygen become too low, the machine shuts off.

Does Pro-Nox Have Side Effects?

Unlike oral or IV sedation, ProNox does not cause lingering side effects like grogginess or nausea. Patients may feel slightly light-headed during and shortly after their treatment, depending on how much nitrous oxide they self-administer. Some patients develop a mild headache or short-lived dizziness. The after-effects of nitrous oxide can be prevented by eating a light snack before your appointment and being well-hydrated before and after treatment.

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