What Are Neck Bands?

Neck bands, also called platysma bands, are a consequence of the aging neck. In youth, the flat muscle that surrounds the front of the neck is called the platysma muscle. As we age, the muscle in the front pulls apart, called diastasis and rolls up into bands. These appear as soft tissue bands from just under the chin and can extend to the lower neck.

Non-Surgical Solutions for Platysma Bands

Xeomin and other neuromodulators like Botox or Dysport can relax the muscle in 30% of the cases. This is usually in patients under 40 years old. If the bands are toxin resistant, then a formal platysmaplasty is required.

Before and After Non-Surgical Treatment

Platysma Bands
Platysma Bands

What is Platysmaplasty?

This is accomplished with a small incision under the chin. Using a 3-D endoscope, the muscles are identified, partial cut through on both sides, then brought back together in the midline with permanent fixation sutures. This is called a corsette platysmaplasty. If the patient has redundant skin, then a formal neck lift or skin removal is performed with the platysma work.
Platysmaplasty photo

Is Platysmaplasty Safe?

This is a safe and minimally invasive procedure.

Before and After Surgical Platysmaplasty

Before Platysmaplasty
After Platysmaplasty


Before Platysmaplasty
Plastyma Bands
Before Platysmaplasty
Before Platysmaplasty


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