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Postoperative Ear Protector

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Learn more about why Dr. Romo developed the ROMO-GUARDTM, its advantages and how it’s used.

What Is The ROMO-GUARD™?

The ROMO-GUARDTM is a postoperative ear protector and dressing that can be used for either the right or left ear. It was designed and developed by Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS, Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital (MEETH)/Northwell Health Systems, both in New York City.

Why Did Dr. Thomas Romo III Develop The ROMO-GUARD™?

Following complex ear reconstruction surgery, the need for complete post-operative ear protection is critical for success of the surgery. The standard mastoid dressing or the Glasscock cup did not provide adequate protection because of design flaws. The standard mastoid dressing can cause compression forces sufficient to reduce blood supply to the ear reconstruction and even to the forehead skin. This can lead to necrosis, loss of skin, infection and failure of the surgery.

The Glasscock cup, by design, is a two-point fixation device. This allows for mobility of the dressing in an inferior-superior direction. As a hemisphere by design, and with mobility, this dressing brings the inside of the cup into direct contact with the reconstructed ear. Again, this can cause pressure necrosis with loss of the skin, possible graft exposure and ultimately, loss of the ear reconstruction.

Dr. Romo designed the ROMO-GUARDTM to improve the level of comfort and protection provided by a postoperative ear device.

Advantages Of The ROMO-GUARD™’s Proprietary Design Include:

  • Increased clearance above the ear reduces the chance of infection and necrosis
  • Thicker foam pad conforms to the head and increases comfort for the patient
  • 4-point fixation eliminates movement
  • Specifically designed for ear reconstruction surgeries
  • Highest reliability with respect to protection of postoperative ears

What Procedures Can The ROMO-GUARD™ Be Used For?

Where Can I Buy The ROMO-GUARD™?

Patients can purchase the ROMO-GUARDTM through Dr. Romo’s Manhattan plastic surgery office, located at 135 E 74th Street or by calling 212-288-1500. Alternatively, the device can be purchased online through Medical Concepts, Inc.

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