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Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift Surgery in NYC

What Happens During an Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

An eyebrow lift is a facial plastic surgery that corrects and rejuvenates an aging brow line for a more youthful-looking appearance. Top NYC plastic surgeonDr. Thomas Romo III offers a unique brow lift called the endoscopic eyebrow lift, which has many advantages over other eyebrow lift techniques.

What Are The Benefits Of A Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery offers several benefits. The cosmetic improvements that can be achieved with this procedure include:

  • Smoother forehead tissue
  • A more youthful eyebrow position and arch
  • Eye rejuvenation through the lift given to the upper eyelids
  • Decreased brow furrows
  • Decreased crow’s feet or folds at the outer corners of the eyes
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Paying the utmost attention to aesthetic details, Dr. Romo achieves brow lift results that look very natural and last many years. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of this procedure, patients also appreciate the minimally-invasive nature of the endoscopic brow lift and the shortened recovery that goes along with it.

Am I A Candidate For An Eyebrow Lift?

An eyebrow lift may be recommended for patients of both genders, often those between ages 35 and 65, facing one or more of the following aesthetic concerns in the forehead:

  • Sagging skin that ages the face
  • Worry lines that make the face look older and anxious
  • Eyebrows that cause an angry and tired look
  • Sagging eyebrows that affect vision

Depending on a patient’s needs and desired results, Dr. Romo may also recommend eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty in conjunction with an eyebrow lift to achieve the best and most natural-looking results.

Brow Lift Before & After Photos

This patient had a brow lift and blepharoplasty.

Brow Lift Before and After NYC
Brow Lift Before and After NYC
7891 imageset 1 before
7891 imageset 1 after

The Eyebrow/Forehead Lift Procedure Explained

Dr. Romo’s endoscopic eyebrow lift utilizes a sequence of surgical techniques that produce a natural, youthful and rejuvenated appearance without endangering the eyes or eyelid function. Dr. Romo’s techniques deliver aesthetically attractive results with less downtime than a facelift.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect during an eyebrow lift:

Headshot of woman with makeup on close her eyes and doctor in full scrubs examines her brow line, In doctor's office
  • An eyebrow lift can take 1-2 hours (when performed as a single procedure), depending on the complexity
  • When performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as blepharoplasty, the surgery time may vary
  • A temporal lift is often incorporated to further reduce “crow’s feet” and “cheek bags,” also called festoons
  • You will be given an anesthetic so you will not feel any pain during the procedure
  • After surgery, your forehead and brow area may feel tight and sore
  • Depending on the type of stitches used, sutures may be removed in 3‒5 days or stitches will dissolve on their own
  • Recovery and potential downtime can range from 10‒14 days
  • Scars are minimal and located within the hairline to conceal visibility

What Results Can I Expect From My Eyebrow Lift?

A brow lift can:

  • Eliminate crow’s feet around the outer eyes
  • Raise droopy eyebrows
  • Get rid of excess skin that causes “hooding” over the eyes
  • Smooth deep forehead lines between the eyebrows
  • Create a refreshed and firmer-looking brow line

How Long After My Brow Lift Procedure Will I See My Results?

You can expect to notice a difference in your appearance right away after your brow lift. Keep in mind that your initial results will be somewhat impacted by swelling and bruising. As these side effects fade, the outcome of your rejuvenating procedure will be apparent.

Brow Lift Testimonials

I had a face lift, brow lift, and lower eye lift 4 weeks ago. I am a 58 year old female and work in a " younger generation industry". I was starting to look old and tired. The results are amazing. Dr Romo is a skilled surgeon who takes his time and does not rush you in and out. He explained all of my options,and together we decided on how to proceed. I look 10 years younger . I am extremely pleased with the results. The office staff was available to me, pre and post op to answer any of my questions. My recovery went just as planned, and I was very informed regarding what to expect post op. Anyone considering plastic facial reconstruction needs to consult with Dr Romo. I am sure you will be a pleased as I am!! - SD

I underwent an endoscopic brow lift (for brow ptosis) and rhino/septoplasty with Dr. Romo last year after he came very highly recommended to me by an existing doctor of mine, and I have truly been overwhelmed by the level of care and compassion that he has extended to me every step of the way. From the moment my husband and I met with him for my initial consult, I knew I found the right surgeon. He is ethical, professional and so very personable, that I can honestly say it felt like a family member was caring for me. He has gone above and beyond for me, which is quite a rarity in medicine nowadays. I highly recommend him as his clear and sole focus is on the patient's best interest, whereas other surgeons I consulted with came across very differently. - NN

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How Long Will My Forehead Lift Results Last?

Although facial aging is not something that can be stopped, the results of your brow lift are permanent. The improvements achieved with this procedure can be maintained by regularly using broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 and by using quality products to support aging skin.

What Procedures Can I Combine With A Brow Lift?

Several procedures can be combined with a brow lift, both surgical and nonsurgical. Examples include blepharoplasty, facelift surgery, injectables, and skin tightening or resurfacing. Based on your desired outcome, we can discuss the benefits of combining various procedures.

Who Is The Best Brow Lift Surgeon In New York For Me?

Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS is one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons for eyebrow lift in the world, known for his meticulous minimally invasive surgical techniques and for achieving natural-looking results with a shorter recovery period. Dr. Romo’s practice draws patients from New York City, across the United States, and internationally for all of their surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic needs.

Why Choose Dr. Romo For Your Eyebrow Lift?

Dr. Romo is a pioneer in the field of eyebrow lifts with extensive experience in performing this procedure. While refining his unique, minimally invasive endoscopic eyebrow lift technique, Dr. Romo worked with the world-renowned Karl Storz Instruments to develop his own line of endoscopic instruments that work with greater precision and provide more natural results with less downtime. These instruments are now globally distributed by Karl Storz and used by plastic surgeons around the world. Dr. Romo has written numerous books and book chapters on his unique approach and frequently lectures internationally, teaching his techniques to other surgeons.

What Should I Expect At My Browlift Consultation With Dr. Romo?

Dr. Romo has extensive experience performing brow lift procedures. During your consultation, you can expect to be heard, first and foremost. We want to understand your concerns and expectations. A brief examination of your skin and facial contours provides Dr. Romo with the physical information he needs to develop a suitable treatment plan. You should leave your consultation with a clear picture of what a brow lift can and cannot do for you and with all of your questions answered.

Schedule a Consultation For A Brow Lift in NYC

If you are interested in learning more about endoscopic eyebrow lift and other procedures Dr. Romo offers, contact our office today at 212-288-1500. You can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Romo by filling out our appointment request form. You deserve to look and feel your best, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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