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Lip Lift Surgery in NYC

What is a Lip Lift?Lip Lift NYC

The lips are a subtle yet profound area of the face; one that makes a person look friendly and young or older and angry. The mouth has been a relatively challenging area to treat. A facelift does not correct the elongation of the upper lip due to one’s genetic traits or to aging. The closest we’ve come to finding a solution for deflated, thin, and flat lips is dermal fillers. In recent years, millions of people have relied on periodic injections to enhance and define the lips. Experienced plastic surgeons also perform lip lift surgery, a procedure that can subtly transform the facial aesthetic.

Lip Lift Candidates

Adults who are in good general health are typically good candidates for the minimally-invasive lip lift procedure. The most common reason this procedure is performed is to give shape and volume to a flat or elongated upper lip. If you have tried dermal fillers and like what they do but want longer-lasting results, you may be an excellent candidate for a lip lift.

Benefits Of A Lip Lift

The benefits of a lip lift are that you can rely less on dermal fillers to maintain a shapely mouth and still enjoy the fullness and definition you want. The lip lift actually does not work in the same way dermal fillers do. This procedure reduces the space between the nose and the upper lip; an area called the philtrum. The length of the philtrum often increases with age because the tissue and ligaments that live here lose firmness and elasticity over time. What many people do not realize is that dermal fillers do not decrease this space. Injections only add volume, which can result in duckiness of the upper lip, where the lips protrude unnaturally with overexaggerated volume.

The lip lift reduces the length of the philtrum and displays more of the pink of the upper lip, resulting in natural, youthful proportions.

The Lip Lift Procedure

The most common lip lift technique is called a bullhorn procedure. After anesthetizing the tissue beneath the nose, Dr. Romo makes a small incision just under the columella, the piece of tissue that separates the nostrils. The incision is shaped like a bullhorn, hence its name. The tissue is lifted appropriately to create the ideal shape for the upper lip. This will be in proportion to the lower lip and the nose. The incision does result in a small scar, but this is discreetly placed in the natural crease of the nose so fades to be virtually invisible.

How Long Does A Lip Lift

Procedure Take?

The lip lift procedure is performed in an outpatient setting. The process, including anesthetizing the area, takes about an hour. Patients may go home immediately to recover comfortably over a few days.

How Long Will My Lip Lift Results Last?

The results of a lip lift can last many years, if not indefinitely. With age, tissue laxity will continue to change but typically not to such an extent that the upper lip completely loses the volume and shape that the lip lift has created.

Lip Lift Recovery

Redness and swelling are common side effects that patients should expect after their lip lift. These can last a few days. Patients should keep in mind that swelling will distort the shape of the mouth. The lip’s new shape will be revealed gradually as this side effect subsides.

Minor discomfort may be experienced when eating, so we suggest planning meals that have softer foods until comfort improves. Over-the-counter pain medication and ice may be used as needed to control the mild soreness or tenderness that occur. Our patients receive detailed instructions to keep the treatment area clean and in an optimal healing process. Some activities may need to be curtailed for a short time, such as strenuous exercise. Usually, patients can return to work within a week.

Is A Lip Lift Painful?

Lip Lift surgery is not painful. We administer a local anesthetic into the upper lip area to begin the process. This works quickly to numb deeper layers of the skin and the superficial tissue that will be repositioned for a more youthful appearance. During your lip lift, you may feel slight pressure or sensations of movement, similar to having dental work done when the mouth is numb. There is no pain during or after the procedure.

Risks Of Lip Lift Surgery

Complications from a lip lift are rare. The procedure is minor but should be performed only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Romo conducts this procedure in a way that minimizes the risks of abnormal scarring, fluid accumulation, infection, sensation loss, and separation of the incision. Patients must also follow their post-surgical care instructions carefully to further reduce their risk of complications.

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