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MirrorMe 3D

What Is MirrorMe3D?

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MirrorMe3D is the first and only company in the world to bring 3D printing to cosmetic surgery, merging the latest in technology in virtual surgical simulation and 3D printing. Recently referred to as a “game-changer” by Cosmetic Surgery Times, Mirrorme3D changes the overall plastic surgery experience for surgeons and patients alike. Personalized 3D prints can be used to improve the consultation process and serve as a reference tool in the OR to optimize results.

Why Did Dr. Romo Incorporate 3D Technology In His Practice?

As an innovator in the field, Dr. Romo constantly strives to incorporate the latest advancements within plastic surgery. Dr. Romo most often uses 3D printing technology for his rhinoplasty patients, allowing him to align his surgical plan with the patients goals.

What Does It Involve?

3D printing takes just a few moments during your consultation. A 3D image is taken in just a few seconds, and an exact replica of your face/nose as a 3D model is then delivered to the office in just a few days.

Advantages of MirrorMe3D technology include:

  • Advanced consultation tool aligning surgeon & patient goals
  • A reference tool during your procedure
  • Office displays to showcase Dr. Romo’s before & afters

What Procedures Can MirrorMe3D Models Be Used For?

How Do I Purchase MirrorMe3D Models?

Patients can purchase 3D models prior to surgery with Dr. Romo by visiting his office, located at 135 E 74th Street. Alternatively, the models can be purchased online directly through MirrorMe3D.

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