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Otoplasty markup for surgical reshaping of the pinna, or outer ear for correcting an irregularity and improving appearance. Surgeon doctor marking girl ear before otoplasty cosmetic surgery.

Caring for Your Ears After Otoplasty

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a procedure to reconstruct or enhance the appearance of the ears. Some patients may opt for reconstructive ear surgery to correct microtia, a congenital deformity that prevents the outer ear from fully developing. However, there are many other reasons a patient may choose otoplasty, such as for pinning the ears, …

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The otoplasty procedure for children

Children with ears that stick out from the scalp may find themselves feeling self-conscious about how they look. To address this, parents can speak to Dr. Thomas Romo III of New York, NY, to discuss surgical treatments designed to address this imperfection. At Romo Plastic Surgery, we offer the otoplasty procedure for children–and adults–who are …

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