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What is a Reduction Structured Rhinoplasty?

woman with perfect nose Whether you’ve always had a nose that you think is too large or you’ve developed a larger nose as you’ve aged, a reduction structured rhinoplasty can help your nose look in proportion to the rest of your face.

In this blog, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Thomas Romo III of Romo Plastic Surgery in NYC explains what a reduction structured rhinoplasty is and how it can improve your appearance.

What is reduction structured rhinoplasty?

This type of “nose job” reduces the size of and reshapes a nose that’s too large and looks out of proportion with the rest of your face.

A reduction structured rhinoplasty may be used on younger patients, but it’s also appropriate to reposition and straighten a nose that’s undergone changes due to aging.

In this case, it’s designed to achieve natural results, returning your nose back to its more youthful appearance – or with subtle changes – rather than making more drastic improvements that are often associated with patients who have been dissatisfied with the size and shape of their nose throughout their lives.

It may include any of the following:

  • Reducing or repositioning lower lateral cartilage
  • Lifting and defining your nose by using grafts
  • Using a cartilage graft to lift and support the tip of your nose

When is it performed?

Over time, the cartilage and bone that support your nose become weaker. The skin of your nose also becomes thinner, and the tip of your nose begins to droop. This can also cause a nasal hump to form or make one that already exists appear larger. The result of these changes can be a nose that looks larger and out of proportion with the rest of your face.

How do I get started?

You should have a consultation with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that has extensive experience in performing this type of procedure. You’ll need to know exactly what’s involved with the surgery and what kind of results you can realistically expect.

Your surgeon will examine and measure your nose and discuss your options with you and make recommendations that will help your nose look in balance with the rest of your face.

What is involved with the surgery?

Depending on your needs, incisions can be placed inside the nose or just underneath your nostrils, where they will be almost impossible to see.

Your surgeon will access your underlying cartilage and bone structure, resizing it where it’s needed. Your skin won’t be trimmed down but will instead shrink to its new size on its own. You’ll be left with a nose that looks natural and well-proportioned.

Why should I choose Dr. Romo for my reduction structured rhinoplasty?

Dr. Romo is a double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has developed this unique type of rhinoplasty to create a natural-looking nose that maintains proper breathing function. He has published articles on this technique in well-respected peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Romo is a top rhinoplasty surgeon who has more than 25 years of experience in the field, combining the highest level of technical and artistic expertise.

If you’d like to learn more about reduction structured rhinoplasty or other cosmetic procedures, request a consultation today by calling our office at 212-288-1500.

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