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Looking for Rapid Recovery after your Facial Plastic Surgery?

woman being evaluated If you’re considering facial plastic surgery, you probably are a little anxious about how the results will look and how easy your recovery will be.

These thoughts are completely natural, because the success of a facial plastic surgery procedure doesn’t begin and end with the surgery itself. Instead, the preparation and recovery, along with the surgery, are all important parts of a comfortable experience combined with the best possible results.

In this blog, Dr. Thomas Romo III, a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, outlines his unique philosophy of Rapid Recovery.

How does it work?

Each step of the way, Dr. Romo and the staff of Romo Plastic Surgery will make your entire experience nurturing and fulfilling.

The following steps will be taken:

Before Surgery

Dr. Romo will ensure that you’re thoroughly informed and prepared before your surgery and that you understand your options as well as the results that can be realistically expected.

About two weeks before your surgery, you’ll need to stop using certain medications and supplements that can increase bleeding and bruising. Dr. Romo and his staff will make sure you understand what you should avoid.

Dr. Romo will also recommend holistic supplements that can help prevent bruising and swelling. Proshape is a plant-derived essential amino acid product. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Protein is the nutrient that gives your body’s tissue their strength and resilience. Proshape’s protein affects the body in a positive way increasing the body’s ability to heal and decrease post-operative infections and improves your hair skin and nail health.

During Surgery

With Dr. Romo performing your surgery, you’re in the best possible hands. He combines artistry and compassion with the highest level of experience and expertise. Your well-being will be his number-one priority.

Dr. Romo is an innovator in his field, having designed and developed many of the surgical instruments he uses during procedures.

After Surgery

You’ll receive personalized care from experienced recovery room nurses to assure that you’re well cared for and comfortable during this period.

If necessary, you can stay in a pre-arranged hotel overnight after your procedure, and a private nurse will accompany you to provide care. Dr. Romo will visit you the next day to answer any questions you may have, check your progress, and let you know about follow-up care and appointments. Finally, as you visit his office for follow-up appointments, your sutures will be removed and Dr. Romo will evaluate your healing and adjust any medications or supplements if needed.

If you’d like to find out more about facial plastic surgery and Dr. Romo’s Rapid Recovery program, make an appointment today for a consultation at Romo Plastic Surgery.

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