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Top Male Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

man undergoing facial rejuvenation procedure Facial rejuvenation procedures were once thought of as something primarily for women, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for men as well. Men, like women, want to have a more natural, youthful, refreshed appearance in their personal and professional lives.

In this blog, Dr. Thomas Romo III of Romo Plastic Surgery outlines the top male facial rejuvenation procedures.

Top Male Facial Rejuvenation Procedures:

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Rejuvenation)

As you age, the muscles supporting your eyelids weaken, and your eyelids stretch. Excess fat can gather above and below your eyelids, making your eyebrows sag and your upper lids droop. You may also have bags under your eyes, giving you the appearance of someone who’s always tired.

A blepharoplasty removes excess skin from the upper eyelids and reduces bagginess from the lower ones by removing the fat pads. Skin and muscle are tightened, resulting in a fresher appearance.

Neck Lift

One of the first signs of facial aging can appear in the neck. This skin is thinner and more elastic, so it can begin to sag first. Jowls and a double-chin appearance may form, making you look older than you are and giving you a weak jaw line.

A neck lift enables a surgeon to remove what’s needed to achieve the desired result. In some cases, excess removal of fat deposits is all that’s required. In other cases, excess skin and fat can be removed and underlying muscles can be tightened and restructured. The result is a tauter appearance that helps create a stronger jaw line and avoid the “turkey neck” effect.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery)

Ideally, your nose should be in proportion with the rest of your face when it comes to its size and shape. However, that’s not always the case and that’s why rhinoplasty is a very popular facial rejuvenation procedure for men as well as women.

Your surgeon can reshape the inner bone and cartilage of your nose, resulting in a more attractive nose that complements the rest of your face. This procedure is sometimes performed in conjunction with a chin augmentation, and it’s important to find an experienced surgeon who can improve the appearance of your nose giving you the desired appearance.

Chin Augmentation

Many men think of the ideal jawline as a strong one, but not everyone comes by this look naturally. A weaker jawline that’s been inhibited by growth can make your face look out of proportion, but it can be enhanced with a chin augmentation procedure.

A chin augmentation allows the surgeon to create a space to insert an implant that feels like natural tissue. It’s custom-fit to your face, and the incision can be placed inside the mouth (where it’s not visible) or under the chin (where it’s not easily noticed). A chin augmentation combined with neck liposuction can produce even more pronounced, positive effects.

Where should you have a male facial rejuvenation procedure performed in NYC?

Dr. Thomas Romo III is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstruction surgeon in NYC. He has extensive experience in helping men, women, and children from around the world look their best. A leader in his field, he’s designed special instrument sets that are utilized by plastic surgeons throughout the world.

To find out more about male facial rejuvenation procedures that can help you look your best, make an appointment today with Dr. Romo. If you live in another part of the country or world, he offers virtual consultations so you can connect with him in the privacy and convenience of your home.

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