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How is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty Different?

African American Woman Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for people of any ethnicity. For patients of African, Asian, Middle Eastern and all other ethnic descents, the goal is improving their appearance without diminishing their ethnicity.

In this blog, Dr. Thomas Romo III, a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in NYC, will explain more about ethnic rhinoplasty.

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

This is a type of cosmetic surgery that creates a symmetrical and well-balanced look that complements the patient’s face while still maintaining his or her ethnic characteristics.

What can you expect from an ethnic rhinoplasty?

This procedure can enhance the appearance of your nose by altering its size and/or shape. Although your nose’s appearance will be improved, your ethnic characteristics will still be respected and preserved.

This procedure can be effective in the following ways:

  • Building up and strengthening a flattened bridge
  • Reducing the appearance of a bulbous tip
  • Narrowing the width overall
  • Achieving a aesthetically pleasing look

In some cases, other procedures (such as a chin implant) may also be performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty so the appearance of your face is well balanced.

What is involved in an ethnic rhinoplasty?

Dr. Romo will use an advanced computer imaging to illustrate how your nose can be improved and give you an idea of how your nose will look after the procedure. Depending on your goals, grafts and implant materials may be used to make your nose more defined and elevated.

What is the difference between a rhinoplasty and an ethnic rhinoplasty?

The procedures can be similar, different techniques are needed to perform ethnic rhinoplasties. Darker skin can sometimes be thicker and more likely to scar, so it’s important that the surgeon know how to carefully create the incisions and reshape the skin and cartilage to ensure the best results. In addition, the placement of incisions and post-operative care are very important considerations.

Certain ethnicities can also tend to have nasal characteristics that can pose a problem for a surgeon who lacks extensive experience in performing ethnic rhinoplasties.

Where can I find the best ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC?

Since rhinoplasty alters your facial appearance, it’s important to find an extremely skilled, experienced facial plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. This is especially true of ethnic rhinoplasty, since it can pose some special challenges.

Dr. Romo is a pioneer in the field of rhinoplasty, including ethnic rhinoplasties, and has helped advance techniques and knowledge related to this type of surgery. He’s respected throughout the world for his distinctive expertise and unique technique and has patients not only in New York City, but also throughout the nation and world.

He has developed an unparalleled augmentation technique that’s utilized in many ethnic rhinoplasties. Dr. Romo utilizes natural tissue and implants to support a flattened nose and make it seamlessly match the patient’s face shape and ethnicity.

He has developed his own line of instruments to provide greater precision, more natural results, and less downtime for patients who have ethnic rhinoplasties. In addition, he’s written books and chapters about his approach to ethnic rhinoplasty and lectures internationally to teach his technique to other surgeons.

To find out more about ethnic rhinoplasty, contact Romo Plastic Surgery at 212-288-1500 or schedule a consultation online. Four your privacy and convenience, we also offer virtual consultations.

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