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Botox®: Separating Fact From Fiction

Woman following botox treatment in New York

In today’s culture, there is often scrutiny when it comes to people’s appearance, especially females as they age. With many people seeking to maintain their youthful looks and a bevy of treatments available, it can be hard to figure out which option is right for you. It might seem like that it has become commonplace for everyone to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

One of the most popular cosmetic choices is Botox®. There have been a number of different stories about what Botox® can do for you, so we’re here to clear the air.

What does Botox® do?

Botox® temporarily improves crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows. Its ability to help with wrinkles is what makes Botox® so popular.

At what age, should I begin using Botox®?

The age at which someone should begin Botox® depends on the individual. This is where a person’s genetics and lifestyle come into play. In most cases, people begin using Botox® in their 40s. There are, however, cases of where people have started in their late 20’s.

Does Botox® require maintenance?

Regardless of the amount of Botox® used during a treatment it wears off after an average of 4 months. This means that you will have to see your doctor for a follow-up appointment. These follow-up appointments offer an opportunity to discuss your treatment with your doctor.

Can I use less if I’ve already used it?

There have been no permanent results found with Botox®. Though there have been suggestions that you can begin using smaller and smaller doses as treatment progresses, this has proven to be unfounded. Fortunately, there is very little risk associated with repeated treatment.

What are the risks?

One of the most important considerations when undergoing Botox® is choosing an experienced physician. Ensuring they inject the correct areas is crucial.

Who should I see about Botox®?

When it comes to any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to find a physician who can answer your questions, is board certified and has experience performing the procedure. Manhattan facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Romo, has a wealth of experience from his many years as a facial plastic surgeon. He has stayed at the top of his profession by continuing to publish papers and develop new products. As New York City’s premier practitioner, he is your number one choice. Call today to book a consultation.

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