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How Long Should a Rhinoplasty Last?

Woman after rhinoplasty in New York City

If you’re like most people who are thinking about getting a rhinoplasty, you might have some concerns, and quite a few questions. You might be wondering if you are a good candidate for a nose job, and if so, how long will the rhinoplasty last?

These are great questions to ask, if this is your first time. A rhinoplasty provides a permanent solution to droopy, aging, and bumpy noses. It is performed to alter one’s appearance, or alternatively to facilitate better breathing.

Rhinoplasty Surgical Benefits

Our facial features have a significant impact on how we see ourselves, and how others see us. A rhinoplasty addresses a range of aesthetic concerns associated with the nose and only needs to be performed once.

The appearance of your nose is enhanced while providing your facial features with balance and harmony. The natural qualities of your nose are preserved and you are left with a natural end product.

The Procedure- Recovery- Lasting Effect

While some cosmetic procedures require an upgrade after several or more years, this is not true of a rhinoplasty. A good rhinoplasty will last you a lifetime, so it is important to choose the right surgeon. Important factors to consider when choosing a surgeon are:

  • How recently have they performed the procedure you are going in for?
  • Do they have a portfolio of their work?
  • Are the certified to perform the specific procedure you are looking for?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them?

Although surgery alters the shape and size of your nose, it does not change who you are. It will help you to gain or regain your self- confidence, and boost your self- esteem. The change is real and the results are lasting.

Along with his extensive surgical knowledge, Dr. Thomas Romo has specialized experience with this procedure including ethnic and revision rhinoplasties. Dr. Romo is double board certified and the Director of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital in New York. By being able to visualize the face as a whole Dr. Romo is able to understand how your new nose will fit with your face. In addition, his extensive surgical skills will ensure you get the results you desire.

Romo Plastic Surgery offers a unique approach to plastic surgery designed to ensure natural results. Our rapid recovery philosophy aims to provide you with the best care throughout your experience with us. Call today to book an appointment for a consultation.



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