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What to Expect At Your Facelift

Older woman after facelift

As you age, you begin to develop wrinkles and creases on your face. You also begin to lose muscle and your skin surrenders to gravity. A common procedure to fix these complaints is a facelift, which addresses your lower face.

Choosing a Doctor

When it comes to choosing a surgeon, Dr. Romo is a top choice thanks to his expertise in facial plastic surgery. He understands that each part of the face ages differently and who views the face as whole. He will listen to your concerns and explain what procedures would be best for you and why. Dr. Romo will take you through the entire process. He will act as your pilot and administer close, attentive care.

To begin with, there will be a discussion of what you would like to achieve through your procedure. The doctor will then clarify any questions you may have and will also review the risk /benefit ratio of having surgery. Should you decide to proceed, Dr. Romo will also prescribe a series of supplements prior to your surgery that help your body to heal quicker.

What Happens Next?

Having a facelift isn’t simply pulling the skin tight. Your doctor should be able to articulate the steps they will take to achieve your desired results. Dr. Romo understands that your face has both ‘architecture’ and ‘canvas’ components and that they both need to be taken into account to ensure your face looks natural.

The average recovery time is about two weeks. Within three to four days after the procedure you will feel a significant difference. The supplementation prescribed by Dr. Romo as part of his rapid recovery philosophy will help to prevent infection and shorten your recovery time.

Your Recovery

During your down time, we offer nursing care in a boutique hotel where Dr. Romo will also visit periodically to ensure everything is going according to plan.

It is this unique methodology and attention to detail that allows Dr. Romo to provide a superior surgical experience. Trust your face to the best in the plastic surgery business. Book a consultation with the practice today. We are ready to help you put your best face forward.

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