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Using Morpheus 8 to Achieve Youthful, Healthier Looking Skin in the Later Years

In the past, it was believed that the only way to address aging skin was to undergo plastic surgery. While there are situations that warrant surgical intervention, not every patient is suitable for this option. Instead, Dr. Thomas Romo III of Romo Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer patients in the New York, NY area solutions that are not nearly as invasive. This includes enhancing the skin and addressing skin laxity with treatment such as Morpheus 8.

What is Morpheus 8?

The facial contours are supported by the natural production of collagen and elastin. However, after that age of 30, men and women may notice the downfall of collagen and elastin, which results in unwanted skin laxity. The skin may become loose and sag, resulting in the development of fine lines and wrinkles that contribute to an aging appearance. Instead of undergoing plastic surgery for mild to moderate skin laxity, Dr. Thomas Romo III may suggest Morpheus 8. Morpheus 8 is a treatment developed by a company called In Mode Aesthetics that combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy. The device issued primarily on the face to help address skin laxity in a relative minimally-invasive manner. Treatment reaches deep within the tissues at approximately 4 mm, and helps stimulate the skin’s natural production of collage and elastin. This results in more youthful, firmer skin over several weeks following treatment.

What are the benefits of Morpheus 8 treatment?

Patients who have aging skin have many solutions to choose from. What makes Morpheus 8 a highly desirable option is the benefits that it provides. Morpheus 8:

  • Is minimally invasive
  • Is safe for all skin tones and types
  • Offers maximum tissue penetration
  • Does not damage dermal tissue
  • Offers uniform and controlled energy
  • Requires minimal downtime
  • Carries little to no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Provides noticeable results without surgery

Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Thomas Romo III today!

New York, NY area patients are encouraged to work with Dr. Thomas Romo III, our double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the community. He can discuss the benefits of Morpheus 8 and other less invasive treatments for enhancing the skin and facial appearance. Call the practice at (212) 288-1500 and visit personally at 135 East 74th Street.

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