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Who Isn’t A Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery You may be considering plastic surgery. If you are, you would be in good company, with over 15 million plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures happening every year in the United States alone. Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries are at their safest, most effective point right now compared to any other time in history. With surgeries and procedures offering more in a myriad of ways, this truly is the best time to get one. However, though the surgical treatment of plastic and cosmetic procedures is at its best, it may not be right for you. Before you consider which plastic surgery to get, keep reading to learn if you are or aren’t a good candidate.

Prior Medical History Can Make You A Poor Candidate For Plastic Surgery

Though plastic surgeries range from the minimally invasive to larger procedures requiring weeks of recovery, your prior medical history can still impact your candidacy for all plastic surgeries. Certain conditions such as heart conditions, high blood pressure, COPD, and diabetes can all have an impact on surgical complications that may make you a poor candidate for plastic surgery. However, not being an ideal candidate shouldn’t dissuade from pursuing plastic surgery. For example, those with the above conditions can still undergo plastic surgeries; however, it is imperative that you disclose this information to your doctor.

Smokers Can Be Poor Candidates For Plastic Surgery

If you smoke, there are increased risks of complications both during surgery and during the recovery process after surgery that can impact not just your health but also the results of the procedure. However, as with having a prior medical history, just because you smoke does not disqualify you from receiving plastic surgery. Instead, most doctors will allow the procedure but insist that you quit for a time period before the procedure and after to limit complications during the surgery and ensure proper recovery after.

Wondering If You’re A Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery? 

Then come into Romo Plastic Surgery here in New York! Dr. Romo and the team have made it a mission to help and with years of experience, they’ve been doing just that! If you’re wondering about your plastic surgery candidacy, from which procedure to get to what the recovery period could look like for you, then give the team at Romo Plastic Surgery a call at 212-288-1500!

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