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Obtain a Lip Lift for Kissable Lips on Valentine’s Day!

Attractive young model with tan make up This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to perk and plump your lips to make sure they’re ready for your Valentine’s date! With plastic surgery procedures, patients can alter specific areas of the face to achieve a more desirable appearance and address imperfections that may make them feel self-conscious. If you are interested in augmenting the lips and live in the area of New York, NY, call Romo Plastic Surgery to speak with our double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Thomas Romo III, about this and other facial surgeries available for consideration at his state-of-the-art facility.

What Is a Surgical Lip Lift?

A surgical lip lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to reduce the length of the upper lip, creating a more accentuated, fuller, and more youthful-looking pout.

What Happens During the Lip Lift Surgery?

The surgery involves making an incision along the base of the nose, at which point excess skin is removed from above your top lip. This decreases the amount of tissue between your nose and upper lip, resulting in increased prominence and definition in this area.

What Surgical Techniques Are Used To Complete a Lip Lift?

Depending on your desired outcome, various techniques can be used to tailor the results to best suit you. During the consultation visit, our plastic surgeon will talk to you about the technique used for your specific needs. The effects of the lip lift surgery are usually long-lasting and permanent as long as you maintain healthy lifestyle habits, such as avoiding smoking or excessive sun exposure.

What Are Other Ways To Augment the Lips?

Many patients also choose to have dermal fillers injected into their lips for extra volume following their lip lift or instead of undergoing plastic surgery. In fact, many patients will find that dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables can help them in achieving the results they went without invasive surgeries, and Dr. Thomas Romo III always encourages patients to consider more conservative options whenever possible.

How Do I Find Out More About the Lip Lift?

If you want kissable lips from Valentine’s Day and beyond, call Romo Plastic Surgery at 212-288-1500 to request an appointment with Dr. Thomas Romo III. He is double board certified and an internationally-respected facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

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