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What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

naked beautiful young woman pointing on her nose The nose is the central most feature on the face. If it is out of proportion or disfigured, it can negatively affect one’s overall appearance. With the help of a plastic surgeon, patients can improve the nose’s shape, size, and contours. When patients of a non-Caucasian origin come into the practice of Dr. Thomas Romo III with concerns regarding their nose, they may be advised to consider the benefits of an ethnic rhinoplasty. Ethnic is a term that is used to describe a patient who is not of Caucasian descent. The procedure is not done to change one’s racial identity, but rather bring better harmony and balance to the nose for the overall facial aesthetics.

What types of ethnic rhinoplasty are performed?

Dr. Thomas Romo of Romo Plastic Surgery first determines the patient’s primary ethnicity based on their nasal shape and contours. Then, patients can speak to him about the specific concerns they have in their nose’s appearance. Below are just a few of the common ethnic rhinoplasty procedures offered for non-Caucasian patients:

  • African-American rhinoplasty
  • Latin American rhinoplasty
  • Middle Eastern American rhinoplasty
  • Indian rhinoplasty
  • Asian rhinoplasty

In addition, the team also provides Caucasian rhinoplasty procedures. All of these will improve specific concerns related to the size, projection, and disfigurements that affect the nose and overall facial appearance. During a consultation visit, Dr. Thomas Romo III will determine if a patient is a good candidate for rhinoplasty and assist them in visualizing the changes that can be made with elective surgery.

Does ethnic rhinoplasty cost more than traditional rhinoplasty?

There are many factors that are involved in quoting a cost for plastic surgery, but in most cases, rhinoplasty will vary between patients based on the goals of the procedure. At the first evaluation appointment, Dr. Thomas Romo III can often give patients a close estimate regarding the out-of-pocket cost for this and other facial procedures.

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New York, NY patients considering ethnic rhinoplasty and other facial surgeries are encouraged to work with an experienced facial plastic surgeon in the community. Dr. Thomas Romo III is a well-respected plastic surgeon in the area who is pleased to provide quality care for those seeking facial enhancement. Call (212) 288-1500 to request an appointment at 135 East 74th Street.

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