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How EmbraceRF can enhance your look

istock 1198590504 300x200 1 Dr. Thomas Romo III of the New York, NY area is a plastic surgeon who is dedicated to offering patients not only cosmetic plastic surgeries, but noninvasive, nonsurgical solutions as well. When patients are struggling with the appearance of skin laxity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, they may believe their only option is that of a facelift. Fortunately, continued advances in medicine ensure more and more options that do not require surgery. At Romo Plastic Surgery, patients can now achieve results without surgery using a treatment called EmbraceRF.

What is EmbraceRF and how does it work?

EmbraceRF is a specialized solution for restoring a clean neck and jaw line, reducing the appearance of jowls that contribute to the appearance of aging. While fillers, threads, and other noninvasive procedures can help, there comes a point when these will no longer provide the results patients desire. It is at this point that our team will recommend EmbraceRF. This device emits radiofrequency energy directly into the treatment area to tighten the skin and remodel facial fat through small incisions. In doing so, it can create a more defined jawline and a more youthful appearance—without ever having to go “under the knife” in the more traditional sense. Dr. Thomas Romo III finds that this treatment is extremely effective in achieving the results patients desire while ensuring a natural look and no scarring!

What about a facelift?

There does come a time where less invasive treatment options are no longer viable for a patient, especially for those with severe skin laxity. In situations such as this, our provider may still recommend surgical treatments such as the facelift or neck lift to provide the results patients desire.

Are you considering EmbraceRF?

Dr. Thomas Romo III in New York, NY is excited to offer state-of-the-art solutions for revolutionary improvements. If you are thinking about improving the contours of the face without plastic surgery, you may want to consider the benefits of EmbraceRF. Patients in the community and call Romo Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation visit and learn more about this treatment. The office is located at 135 East 74th Street and can be reached by telephone at (212) 288-1500.

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