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Enjoy a comfortable experience at Romo Plastic Surgery with Pro-Nox

pro-nox | Romo plastic surgery | New York, NY While plastic surgery is the primary focus of the team at Romo Plastic Surgery, there are several nonsurgical treatments that are available as well. This includes cosmetic injectables such as neuromodulators and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. However, patients with a fear of needles may be uneasy about undergoing these treatments. At Romo Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to provide the accompaniment of Pro-Nox with most of our injectables.

What is Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox is best described as the integration of nitrous oxide into cosmetic procedures performed at our practice. Nitrous oxide is a gas that is commonly used in dental treatments, and is referred to as “laughing gas.” When patients breathe in nitrous oxide through the nose, they feel much more relaxed almost instantly. Patients can feel at ease as our team performed nonsurgical treatments. Once the procedure is complete, the patient is administered oxygen to reverse the effects of the nitrous oxide so they can be brought to their natural state of mind before leaving the office.

Why choose Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox nitrous oxide is highly recommended for any patient who has anxiety about nonsurgical procedures performed at Romo Plastic Surgery. We can integrate Pro-Nox into treatments such as:

• Botox injections

• Dermal fillers

• Morpheus 8 treatments

• AccuTite treatment

• Radiofrequency services

• Collagen stimulators/injectables

Who is a candidate for Pro-Nox?

Any patients who is uneasy about having procedures performed in our office are urged to speak up with our medical team about their concerns to learn more about the use of nitrous oxide. Most adult men and women are proper candidates for nitrous oxide and can obtain proper care comfortable with the use of Pro-Nox. We encourage patients to ask for this sedation by name to find out if it can be integrated into your next appointment.

Call Romo Plastic Surgery today!

Dr. Thomas Romo III and his New York, NY team are dedicated to helping patients not only look and feel better, but attend their upcoming appointment at ease. With Pro-Nox, relaxation is possible! Contact the office at (212) 288-1500 and visit us at 135 East 74th Street to discuss Pro-Nox used in conjunction with nonsurgical procedures at the office.

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