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Facelift 101

Facelift Surgery NYC Do you have sagging skin on the face caused by natural volume loss? Is skin laxity creating strong wrinkles and folds on the face that are making you look older than you really are? Are you ready to make a dramatic change to your appearance and turn back the hands of time using plastic surgery? If this sounds like you, the team at Romo Plastic Surgery encourages you to book a consultation visit and initial assessment to discuss your needs, and find out if you are a candidate for a facelift.

What should I know about the facelift procedure?

The facelift procedure is a surgical treatment used to remove excess skin and pull the face upward—in turn eliminating fine lines and wrinkles caused by skin laxity and achieving a more youthful appearance. This procedure is an elective procedure completely strictly for cosmetic purposes. Adult patients who are unhappy with alternative treatment options such as cosmetic injectables may want to find out if they are a candidate for the facelift procedure with Dr. Thomas Romo III.

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks and side effects that may occur. It is important to discuss these concerns with the doctor prior to moving forward with surgery. Patients should also be well aware that scarring can occur, though our team uses strategic locations around the face to stitch the skin together in a way that eliminates or reduces the appearance of these scars. Patients are given aftercare instructions following their surgery, and should follow these instructions carefully. This will reduce the risk of infection, severe scarring, and other complications.

Patients undergoing facelift procedures will need to have realistic expectations. During the consultation visit, Dr. Thomas Romo III will show patients before and after photos of previous patients so they can get an idea of what can be achieved with this surgical treatment.

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Connect with the team at Romo Plastic Surgery by calling (212) 288-1500 and speaking with one of our front office team members about scheduling a consultation to discuss facelifts and other surgical procedures available. The practice is located at 135 East 74th Street in New York, NY and invites new patients into the practice for surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic solutions.

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