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Romo Plastic Surgery Offers Microtia Ear Surgery for Children in the New York, NY Community and Beyond

Microtia Ear Surgery for Children NYC New York, NY children who have been diagnosed with pediatric microtia are dealing with a deformity or complete absence of one or both ears. With the use of reconstruction surgery, children can benefit from the restoration of their hearing while improving overall appearance. This is done with microtia ear surgery at Romo Plastic Surgery.

What is pediatric microtia ear surgery?

With a diagnosis of microtia, many parents are unsure what the future holds for their child. They may be aware that their child is experiencing hearing loss due to the deformities. They may also be nervous about their child’s self-confidence. At Romo Plastic Surgery of New York, NY, parents can learn about the pediatric microtia ear surgery that can improve a child’s appearance and restore their hearing.

Pediatric microtia ear surgery differs from patient to patient based on their unique needs. Dr. Thomas Romo III evaluates a child to determine the severity of their condition. There are several grades of microtia, with Grade I being a minor difference in the appearance of the ear, and Grade IV being the absence of the total ear, a condition also referred to as anotia. Additionally, the diagnosis the child receives will determine the process of the procedure. Some children are diagnosed with unilateral microtia while others are diagnosed with bilateral microtia. Once the doctor has a proper diagnosis, he can assess the child to determine the surgery required. Dr. Thomas Romo III walks patients and parents through the surgical procedure so everyone knows what to expect. Parents and children should have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with plastic surgery and fully comprehend the risks and complications that may be associated with this type of surgery.

Romo Plastic Surgery proudly offers microtia ear surgery for children

Children in the area of New York, NY can now undergo reconstructive surgery to restore the appearance and function of the ear. If your child has been diagnosed with microtia and you are interested in addressing this condition, we invite you to book a consultation and initial evaluation with Dr. Thomas Romo III today. His practice is located at 135 East 74th Street in New York and can be reached by calling (212) 288-1500.

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