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Microtia Ear Reconstructive Surgery Available for Children at Romo Plastic Surgery

Microtia Ear Surgery for Children NYC When children are born with certain deformities, they may live a life of embarrassment. They may struggle with self-confidence because they don’t look like their peers. For children who have been born with a defect called microtia, solutions are available for reconstruction. Microtia is a condition that can cause an ear to be smaller in size, oddly shaped, or missing completely. It can affect one or both ears and occurs in some form in 1 out of every 7,000 to 8,000 births. This congenital deformity may also result in hearing loss, or atresia. For both cosmetic and medical reasons, Dr. Thomas Romo III can perform microtia ear reconstructive surgery.

What are the benefits of undergoing microtia ear reconstructive surgery?

First and foremost, many parents seek out a cosmetic plastic surgeon who can provide ear reconstruction for their child that suffers from microtia to help their child build self-confidence. Additionally, this treatment can be used to balance out the facial appearance and construct a natural-looking ear. Children who have hearing loss associated with microtia may also notice an improvement in their ability to hear. Dr. Thomas Romo III has extensive experience in treating ear problems and deformities in both children and adults and has been part of advanced surgical techniques and solutions spanning over two decades. His expertise allows parents to feel comfortable in having him perform this reconstructive procedure for their children.

What is the recovery time for microtia ear surgery?

After the procedure is performed, the doctor places a light dressing over the ears and gives patients a ROMO-GUARD to protect the treated areas. Parents can help their child heal and recover from their procedure by closely following all post-operative instructions supplied by the plastic surgeon. Most children may experience recovery and downtime up to two weeks following their procedure, during which a follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon is scheduled to monitor the healing and recovery.

Giving children confidence and improved self-esteem with reconstructive procedures

Dr. Thomas Romo III is pleased to help children from all over the nation who come to see him for microtia ear reconstruction surgery. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure provided at Romo Plastic Surgery, contact the front office team for an appointment by calling (212) 288-1500. The practice is located in New York, NY at 135 East 74th Street and welcomes patients from in and around the community who are seeking reconstructive solutions.

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