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Sculptra as an alternative to facial plastic surgery

Sculptra | New York, NY At Romo Plastic Surgery, men and women in the area of New York, NY have a number of treatment options to choose from when it comes to improving and enhancing their appearance. With injectables and plastic surgery treatments, patients can ask Dr. Thomas Romo III about the treatments that are best suited for their specific desires. In many cases, when patients are dealing with facial volume loss, our doctor will make recommendations such as minimally invasive cosmetic injectables such as Sculptra.

How does Scultpra work?

Sculptra is similar to other cosmetic injectables in a way, as it is used in the facial area to address imperfections. However, unlike other cosmetic injectables, the results build up over the course of time. This is because Sculptra is formulated with poly-L lactic acid, which helps in stimulating the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are naturally present in the skin and body, and are what give skin its firm and smooth, youthful look. After the age of 30, collagen and elastin begin to deplete gradually, which can cause facial volume loss that adds to the aging appearance of an individual. Sculptra helps in rebuilding the collagen and elastin stores, improving one’s look and giving them back that radiant, youthful look.

Sculptra injections are done months apart, but the results can last many years. Patients can continue to have injections done over time to maintain their appearance, gradually slowing the signs of aging, including the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that may develop due to skin laxity. It is impossible to stop the aging process, but it is beneficial to visit a professional to learn about the ways to keep it from developing as fast as it can.

Interested in learning more about Sculptra injections?

Consider working with a team of professionals who have years of combined experience providing cosmetic procedures for men and women. At Romo Plastic Surgery, our doctor is here to ensure patients experience the results they desire. Dr. Thomas Romo III is available for patients in the New York, NY area at 135 East 74th Street and can be reached for a consultation appointment at (212) 288-1500. Book your visit with our staff today and find out how Sculptra and other cosmetic injectables can be used to help you turn back the hands of time!

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