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Enhancing appearance with the use of facial implants

Patients who are unhappy with the definition of their facial structure may feel as though there are no ways to achieve a more attractive look. Thanks to plastic surgery solutions, patients in and around the area of New York, NY can take charge of their appearance with the use of facial implants.

Understanding facial implants

Patients interested in addressing areas where facial deficiencies occur or who want to improve the contours of their facial structure are the perfect candidates for facial implants.

These implants are used in many areas of the face, including the:

• Cheeks

• Chin

• Jaw

• Temple

The implants are made of biocompatible materials and are often inserted in specific areas of the face to reduce the appearance of any scars. Patients who may consider facial implants are those who are experiencing a downward shift in the fat pads in the face, those who are experiencing sunken skin due to volume loss, and those who want to reshape their face to achieve a more youthful, defined appearance. Facial implants are safe and effective in addressing a wide range of concerns and are sometimes combined with other treatments such as fat grafting and liposuction.


What can I expect during my implant procedure?

Most implant procedures are done quickly in our office. Most patients having just one implant placed will be able to enjoy their treatment in less than an hour under general or local anesthetics. Most patients will heal quickly from their procedure when they follow the aftercare instructions supplied by the doctor following the treatment. We encourage patients to ask questions during the consultation visit to ensure they fully understand the process and the results that they will be able to achieve. We want patients to have a realistic expectation of the final appearance.


Ready to enhance your appearance?

Contact Dr. Thomas Romo III of Romo Plastic Surgery in New York, NY by calling (212) 288-1500 and learning more about the advantages of using facial implants to improve contours and the profile. His office is located at 135 E. 74th Street and is readily available to accept new and existing patients interested in plastic surgery solutions.

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