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Botox injections can turn back time and slow the signs of aging for men and women in New York, NY

At Romo Plastic Surgery, we understand that you want to enjoy your youth as long as possible. We also understand when patients want to avoid having plastic surgery done in order to do so. This is why Dr. Thomas Romo III is excited to offer patients solutions that do not require surgical interventions. When patients are faced with fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face that are contributing to an aging appearance, we may suggest the use of Botox injections to turn back the hands of time.

Understanding Botox injections

Dr. Thomas Romo III works with patients every day who use Botox to achieve youthful skin. Wrinkles, lines, and folds are often seen once men and women hit the age of thirty, as this is the age when the body naturally starts losing its stores of collagen and elastin. While some patients are best suited for fillers or collagen stimulators, others can utilize Botox to eliminate lines that form due to muscle contractions. This neuromodulator is injected directly into the muscles of the face to reduce contractions and therefore smooth the skin above.

Will I see results immediately?

Patients who want to see immediate results will want to consider the benefits of dermal fillers, also available in our office. However, Botox results can be seen within a week as the muscles relax. Dr. Thomas Romo III provides injections right in the office and educates patients on what they can expect over the course of time.

How long do Botox injections last?

Most patients with Botox injections will be able to enjoy the results for approximately six to nine months, depending on the area being treated and the body’s naturally disintegration of the injection. Patients can have Botox injections completed regularly to maintain results and slow the signs of aging over the years.

Ready to discuss your options for a more youthful appearance without plastic surgery?

Learn about non-surgical options such as Botox for addressing wrinkles and folds on the face with the team at Romo Plastic Surgery. Contact us at (212) 288-1500 today to book an appointment and discuss your options with Dr. Thomas Romo III at 135 East 74th Street in New York, NY.

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