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Is a Face Lift Right for You?

Facelift Surgery New York, NY Men and women who are experiencing the signs of aging, including skin laxity, may be wondering if they are a candidate for a surgical face lift. Many patients take the first step in learning more by scheduling a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon such as Dr. Thomas Romo III at Romo Plastic Surgery. They may learn that there are several different options to consider, including cosmetic injectables.

Understanding Surgical Face Lifts

One thing to fully understand about surgical face lifts is that it is an invasive procedure. It requires the doctor to make incisions in the skin. This is done in a way that it can reduce the scarring seen, often within the hair line for easy camouflage. A face lift can provide a solution for patients with more severe aging. However, some patients with mild to moderate wrinkles and folds may want to think about a less invasive option such as cosmetic injectables. Cosmetic injectables may include hyaluronic acid gels, neuromodulators, or collagen stimulators that can work in rebuilding the volume in the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. These may be done quickly and right in the office with no downtime or recovery.

However, there comes a point where the imperfections are severe enough to be addressed only with the use of surgical intervention. This is when patients may be ready to think about the possibility of having a face lift performed with our team. The best way to learn more is to schedule a visit with our plastic surgeon to determine candidacy.

Enhancing the appearance of the facial area after skin laxity occurs is a common concern for older adult patients. We understand how many patients struggle with determining if they are ready for a surgical face lift.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering this or even injectable solutions, we welcome you to connect with our practice for a consultation appointment to discuss your options. Contact Dr. Thomas Romo III of Romo Plastic Surgery today at (212) 288-1500 and visit the office at 135 East 74th Street in New York, NY to decide which solution is appropriate for your specific needs.

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