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I’m in absolute awe of this man’s work! Genius artistry!

I had a revision rhinoplasty 3 months ago with Dr. Romo, and though I’m still in the early stages of healing- I’m beyond thrilled with the results thus far.
My original nose had a rather sizable dorsal hump as well as a nasal bone break that left my nose severely asymmetrical. I had my first rhinoplasty back in 2001. The doctor had smoothed out the dorsal hump, and made a pretty decent attempt at trying to make my nose symmetrical. I was moderately happy with the result. However, though the doctor had done a decent job with the aesthetics of my nose, he left the structural anatomy of my nose in shambles. Over the years the nose began to slowly collapse and fold onto itself as well as drastic drop – creating a long, crooked, somewhat hooked appearance that caused an obstruction in my left cavity.

Dr romo took me on despite the difficulty of my case and made absolute magic. With a cartridge graph taken from my ear- Dr. Romo completely rebuilt my nose- turning it into the the perfectly sized (small- but not scary small) and symmetrical nose that I have always wanted.
As the swelling goes down, the nose looks better by the day. I’m no longer scared to look in the mirror- I’ve never felt this beautiful ever in my life!
I’ll post a before and after at my 6 month mark- with a follow up photo at 12 months.

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