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I Was Absolutely Thrilled with my Experience and Outcome !!!

PLEASE READ MY REVIEW. I THINK IT WILL REALLY HELP YOU! I am sure many of you who are reading these reviews do not have a trustworthy recommendation from a friend or want more of an assurance that you are making the best choice for your surgery.
I am an ob/gyn in Brooklyn, NY. I have put off addressing a nasal fracture that occurred when I was 18, and am now 45. I had no personal recommendations, and did not know who to trust. I know that doctors can pay to show up first on google searches- so they are for the most part useless. Patient reviews can be somewhat unreliable for a variety of reasons. I researched plastic surgeons for many weeks online, reading reviews, scouring their websites and never felt comfortable with any of the doctors- until I came upon Dr. Romo. Yes, his reviews were excellent. I loved his website. However, what really helped me make my initial decision were the videos on his website- where I had the opportunity to listen to him speak about various topics, including rhinoplasty. Having listened to thousands of medical lectures throughout my career, I immediately trusted him and knew he was the man for the job.
Upon doing my initial consultation, (he was the only consultation that I scheduled) I was blown away by his entire package- his level of knowledge and expertise, how easily he explained the surgery, listened to my concerns and goals, and was just an all around really nice and down to earth guy. He was incredibly easy to relate to and casual, but his explanations and advice showed me that he was truly an expert in his field and I had complete confidence in his recommendations. He did not rush me in any way and was in no way pushy.
At this point, I feel like I had done my due diligence with my exhaustive research and had now found the doctor in which I could place my complete trust.
I had my rhinoplasty done 9 days ago and could not be more happy with my results. All the points on my check list were executed perfectly, and objectively, due to the nature of my injury, I know that my surgery was technically very difficult.
My nose looks exactly the way I hoped it would look. My recovery was fantastic. I was back to work one week following the surgery and am delivering babies again. I never had to take more than an extra strength Tylenol for my postoperative pain- which was really minimal at most, and I feel great.
Dr Romo’s office staff is fantastic and incredibly helpful, kind, and gracious. They have always made me feel at home when I call or come in for a visit. The anesthesiologist who was there for my surgery was excellent as well- extremely professional, nice and skilled.
All in all, I give my highest possible recommendation to Dr. Romo and am incredibly happy that he performed my rhinoplasty. If you are considering a rhinoplasty or other facial plastic surgery, I suggest you do a consultation with him and guarantee you will share my feelings.

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