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What is Embrace RF?

Men and women who are in their late adult years may slowly notice the common signs of aging creeping up on them. They may find that they are noticing the person in the mirror experiencing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin around the jawline, chin, and neck. Instead of speaking to a plastic surgeon about a facelift or other invasive procedure, many of these patients can find a solution with a nonsurgical approach. Dr. Thomas Romo III is excited to offer a treatment called Embrace RF that can transform one’s appearance.

What is Embrace RF?

Dr. Thomas Romo III describes the Embrace RF treatment as a specialized, advanced solution for sagging skin and the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Using radiofrequency energy, the Embrace RF device tightens the skin while treating excess fat. This provides patients with a more youthful look without having to undergo surgery. It is perfect for patients who have mild to moderate skin laxity and fine line formation.

What areas can Embrace RF improve?

The most commonly treated areas include:

  • Double chin (submental fullness)
  • Sagging jowls
  • Sagging brows/forehead
  • Smile lines (marionette lines)

Who is a proper candidate for Embrace RF?

The ideal patient for this procedure is an adult man or woman who have specific concerns regarding skin laxity that causes sagging jowls and the development of fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face. Patients will often have mild to moderate aging that does not require more invasive treatments such as plastic surgery. Many patients can reduce the signs of aging while also delaying the need for surgical interventions in the near future. During a consultation visit with the team at Romo Plastic Surgery, patients can undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if they are a good candidate for this or other aesthetic procedures available.

Enjoy remarkable results without a surgical facelift using Embrace RF treatments

If you are ready for a nonsurgical solution for improving the skin’s appearance and firming skin laxity on the face, we encourage you to book a consultation visit with Dr. Thomas Romo III in New York, NY at (212) 288-1500. His facility is located at 135 East 74th Street and can help with a wide range of face and body procedures for enhancing one’s appearance—and confidence!

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