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Dr. Thomas Romo

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Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS is regularly featured in the media for his medical acumen and surgical expertise. He has been featured on television and in print outlets including Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, The Doctors TV show, CBS News, W magazine, Allure magazine, New York magazine & more.     

A well-known educator and researcher, Dr. Romo holds many of the highest surgical and academic credentials in his profession. His “super specialist” expertise in treatment for the face, nose, eyelids, brows, and neck makes him a highly sought-after lecturer. He frequently travels around the world to present on his cutting-edge surgical techniques, his latest publications and to train other plastic surgeons how to use the Romo-designed Karl Storz endoscopic instruments for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.     

Below are the latest news stories and announcements related to Dr. Romo and our New York plastic surgery practice. Visit the Romo Plastic Surgery blog for more informational posts about the services we offer.

NY1 Interview: Dr. Romo and MirrorMe3D

Sept 2016

Dr. Thomas Romo was interviewed by New York 1 about his use of a cutting edge product called MirrorMe3D. The 3D printed models help doctors illustrate to patients how their results will look.



September 2016

Dr. Thomas Romo III was recently awarded a Top Doctor distinction from RealSelf.com. His wealth of expertise and experience put him on the top of his profession. With many years of experience under his belt he continues to provide the best and most innovative care for all his patients.

realself top 100

Dr. Romo Publishes Book Chapter on Cutting-Edge Techniques for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

February 2016

Dr. Thomas Romo III co-authored a book chapter called “Dorsal Augmentation Techniques in the African Descent Platyrrhine Nose” that addresses the importance of considering ethnic differences in nasal anatomy when analyzing a nose and planning a rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Romo is a top facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in performing ethnic rhinoplasty procedures, including African American rhinoplasty.

Dr. Romo Participates in Annual Conference for Endoscopic Surgery in Cannes

September 2015

Dr. Romo attended the Annual Conference for Endoscopic Surgery in Cannes, France where he served as a panel mediator and presenter on topics ranging from eyelids and periorbital rejuvenation, aesthetic reconstruction of the platyrrhine nose and microtia reconstruction.

Dr. Romo Presents at 11th Annual Middle East Update in Otolaryngology Conference and Exposition in Dubai

April 2014

Dr. Romo participated in the 11th Annual Middle East Update in Otolaryngology Conference and Exposition with presentations on endoscopic brow lifting, rhinoplasty of the non-Caucasian nose and challenging rhinoplasty cases.

Dr. Romo Publishes Paper on Controversies and Techniques for Revision Rhinoplasty

February 2014

Dr. Romo co-authored a paper titled “Revision Rhinoplasty, Panel Discussion Controversies and Techniques” addressing the challenges and latest surgical techniques for revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Romo Publishes Paper on Facial Reconstruction for HIV Lipoateophy

August 2014

Dr. Romo co-authored a paper on multi layered ePTFE facial reconstruction for HIV lipoateophy in the Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Romo Publishes Paper on New Techniques in Microtia Reconstruction

November 2014

Dr. Romo co-authored a paper on microtia reconstruction for pediatric patients using cutting-edge autogenous rib and alloplast techniques.

In The News

Dr. Romo III is regularly featured in the media for his medical acumen and facial plastic surgery expertise.

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