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Professional and Experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon

Recently I had a facelift, chin implant and eye lift by Dr. Romo. The amazing results from this surgery surpassed my expectations on all accounts. Dr Romo spent time with me listening to my concerns, expectations and then made suggestions regarding my options for surgery. He is experienced and professional which instilled confidence in my choice for Plastic surgery. Dr Romo’s staff was attentive, especially his nursing staff post surgery. I am most impressed with Dr. Romo’s skill as a facial surgeon. Everyday I see improvement in areas of my face and Thank Dr. Romo for his attention to my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Romo for Facial Plastic surgery.

I Had an Amazing Experience with Dr Romo

My experience with Dr Romo was 5 star from start to finish. The office staff is knowledgeable and very efficient. Dr Romo takes the time to explain everything . He will not push for unnecessary procedures . The post care follow up was amazing. I am extremely pleased with the results. I look ten years younger. I strongly recommend consulting with Dr Romo if you are considering any facial procedures!!


I had the combined procedures of Facetite and Morpheus which is called Embrace RF, done in Dr. Romo's office. I had a lot of questions and Dr. Romo patiently explained my facial dynamics and how the procedure would benefit me. His team was professional and thorough in their pre- and post-op care instructions. The procedure itself was uneventful, a pinch for the shots, a little tugging sensation and it was over. The recovery was fast, with a minimal bruise on my chin. It was a great experience all around and I highly recommend the procedure along w/ Dr. Romo and Team!

I Was Absolutely Thrilled with my Experience and Outcome !!!

PLEASE READ MY REVIEW. I THINK IT WILL REALLY HELP YOU! I am sure many of you who are reading these reviews do not have a trustworthy recommendation from a friend or want more of an assurance that you are making the best choice for your surgery. I am an ob/gyn in Brooklyn, NY. I have put off addressing a nasal fracture that occurred when I was 18, and am now 45. I had no personal recommendations, and did not know who to trust. I know that doctors can pay to show up first on google searches- so they are for the most part useless. Patient reviews can be somewhat unreliable for a variety of reasons. I researched plastic surgeons for many weeks online, reading reviews, scouring their websites and never felt comfortable with any of the doctors- until I came upon Dr. Romo. Yes, his reviews were excellent. I loved his website. However, what really helped me make my initial decision were the videos on his website- where I had the opportunity to listen to him speak about various topics, including rhinoplasty. Having listened to thousands of medical lectures throughout my career, I immediately trusted him and knew he was the man for the job. Upon doing my initial consultation, (he was the only consultation that I scheduled) I was blown away by his entire package- his level of knowledge and expertise, how easily he explained the surgery, listened to my concerns and goals, and was just an all around really nice and down to earth guy. He was incredibly easy to relate to and casual, but his explanations and advice showed me that he was truly an expert in his field and I had complete confidence in his recommendations. He did not rush me in any way and was in no way pushy. At this point, I feel like I had done my due diligence with my exhaustive research and had now found the doctor in which I could place my complete trust. I had my rhinoplasty done 9 days ago and could not be more happy with my results. All the points on my check list were executed perfectly, and objectively, due to the nature of my injury, I know that my surgery was technically very difficult. My nose looks exactly the way I hoped it would look. My recovery was fantastic. I was back to work one week following the surgery and am delivering babies again. I never had to take more than an extra strength Tylenol for my postoperative pain- which was really minimal at most, and I feel great. Dr Romo’s office staff is fantastic and incredibly helpful, kind, and gracious. They have always made me feel at home when I call or come in for a visit. The anesthesiologist who was there for my surgery was excellent as well- extremely professional, nice and skilled. All in all, I give my highest possible recommendation to Dr. Romo and am incredibly happy that he performed my rhinoplasty. If you are considering a rhinoplasty or other facial plastic surgery, I suggest you do a consultation with him and guarantee you will share my feelings.

Changed my Life!

I had a rhinoplasty done about 10 years ago and was never pleased with the results. Both the aesthetic and functionality were horrible. After constant discomfort and insecurity my ENT referred me to Dr. Romo for a revision. He was kind, caring, smart and understood exactly what I was looking for. After a few consultations I booked my date and did the surgery! It has been about a week and I can't believe how amazing the results are. He gave me the exact look I wanted and I can finally properly breath again! It sucks that I went 10 years being unhappy with my nose, but I am so thankful Dr. Romo was able to help re-correct it.

Revision Rhino Da Vinci

Dr. Romo is a rare gem of a surgeon and a spectacular artist of the face. I have had multiple previous rhinoplasties and a very complicated nose (to the point where my previous surgeon's last words to me were "there is nothing else I can do for you," and had given up hope on having a functional, aesthetically pleasing nose until I met Dr. Romo. After meeting with multiple "top revision experts" in NYC, I left each consult either feeling disappointed, frustrated, unsure of the doctor or like my case/needs were valued at about a dime a dozen. Fast forward to meeting Dr. Romo and now being 1.5 months post-op, and I couldn't be happier with the level of service, bedside manner, talent and of course results that I have experienced with the Romo team. From my first consult with Dr. Romo (where he actually spends time evaluating patients discussing real expectations and does not rush you out), he is extremely thorough and was the ONLY surgeon I met with who actually asked me to get current necessary scans (rib cartilage was used) and records from my previous surgeries to ensure we wouldn't run into any unforeseen surprises while in surgery. He was there for me through every question leading up to surgery (and there were MANY), every anxious moment and freak-out, and also called me back in under 5 minutes when I left a voicemail after hours on a post-op question on a Saturday night. Dr. Romo himself is the one I spoke to through all of those moments, unlike other offices where the staff would try to answer the question on behalf of the doctor, or would have the doctor call me back when he became available...2 days later. All in all, I am of course still recovering but can not recommend Dr. Romo enough. After 15 years of nose issues and extreme insecurity, he has given me the gift of both a beautiful and fully functioning nose, all while being an absolute delight through the process. We ended up doing a chin implant as well per Dr. Romo's suggestion, and my entire face looks more balanced and more beautiful than ever while still looking natural and like myself. I will start calling him Uncle Romo soon.

Highly Recommend Dr. Romo

It was not an easy decision to get a facelift- At the time I has experiences life eevts that included the managing and then passing of three people closet to me. The stress and aging was showing on my face.. I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Romo for the surgery. He is in my opinion the best for those who want a natural look. Two years later I am thrilled that I had this done.

Dr Romo Rhinoplasty

I am 1 year post op. Was recommended to dr romo by another male model. Was really scared going into the procedure but couldn’t be more happy with how it went! He really makes sure to spend all the time needed talking about what you want and he’s Uber confident in doing The job which gave me confidence. Corrected my big bulbous and very deviated nose. Much straighter now thankfully and it’s really Helped my job.

An Amazing Experience

I got my surgery in the early part of August to alleviate and resolve complaints of drooping and a swollen tip. Dr. Romo was nothing but understanding, knowledgable, and comforting to me and my family through the entire process. It’s been three months, and my results are more than I could have hoped for. Obviously, the process is gradual and can take up to a year, but so far, my nose has shown a drastic, but subtle, change. Dr. Romo really did a great job.

I’m in absolute awe of this man’s work! Genius artistry!

I had a revision rhinoplasty 3 months ago with Dr. Romo, and though I’m still in the early stages of healing- I’m beyond thrilled with the results thus far. My original nose had a rather sizable dorsal hump as well as a nasal bone break that left my nose severely asymmetrical. I had my first rhinoplasty back in 2001. The doctor had smoothed out the dorsal hump, and made a pretty decent attempt at trying to make my nose symmetrical. I was moderately happy with the result. However, though the doctor had done a decent job with the aesthetics of my nose, he left the structural anatomy of my nose in shambles. Over the years the nose began to slowly collapse and fold onto itself as well as drastic drop - creating a long, crooked, somewhat hooked appearance that caused an obstruction in my left cavity. Dr romo took me on despite the difficulty of my case and made absolute magic. With a cartridge graph taken from my ear- Dr. Romo completely rebuilt my nose- turning it into the the perfectly sized (small- but not scary small) and symmetrical nose that I have always wanted. As the swelling goes down, the nose looks better by the day. I’m no longer scared to look in the mirror- I’ve never felt this beautiful ever in my life! I’ll post a before and after at my 6 month mark- with a follow up photo at 12 months.

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