Rapid Recovery After Plastic Surgery

Rapid RecoveryTM is more than a procedure, it’s a philosophy.

Rapid RecoveryTM was born out of Dr. Romo’s unique philosophy in which he believes that cosmetic surgery is not only about your surgical procedure, it’s about you and your entire experience — before, during, and after surgery.

Dr. Romo’s Rapid Recovery is a 3-step program designed exclusively for his patients to prepare the body and mind by lessening anxiety and building strength, while providing you with personalized attention. This approach creates a uniquely nurturing and rewarding experience from start to finish, resulting in a shorter recovery time and superior surgical results.

Rapid RecoveryTM 3-Step Program

  1. Pre-Operative (Before Surgery)
  2. Intra-Operative (During Surgery)
  3. Post-Operative (After Surgery)

Pre-Operative (Before Surgery)

In this first step, Dr. Romo thoroughly reviews your medical history, evaluates and discusses your surgical options, answers your questions, and guides you through pre-operative preparation.

Prior to your procedure, you will need pre-operative clearance from an internist. On the day of your procedure, you will be evaluated thoroughly by the anesthesiologist, who will determine if you have any sensitivities to medications and possible negative reactions to drugs. The anesthesiologist will be available by phone for patient questions 24 hours prior to the surgery, if desired. Two weeks prior to your surgery, you will be advised to refrain from using products that can increase bleeding and bruising. These products include: aspirin and aspirin-containing compounds; ibuprofen and ibuprofen-containing compounds; high-dose vitamin E; St. John’s wort; and the “G” herbs — ginseng, garlic and ginkgo biloba. It is imperative that the use of nicotine products be stopped two weeks prior to the procedure. Nicotine negatively affects healing by increasing scarring and the risk of infection. We will recommend holistic supplements, such as Arnica Montana and Bromelain, which help prevent bruising and swelling.

Essential amino acid supplements, such as ProShapeTM, are taken by our patients both before and after their procedures. These supplements have been shown to improve healing and decrease post-operative infections. Dr. Romo has his patients use Power Cocktail® as an oral dietary supplement to improve their nutritional state. All products are gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher. This comprehensive approach will prepare your body and mind for surgery by building strength and lessening anxiety, which leads to a calmer, quicker recovery and better surgical results. This will allow you to get back to your normal life more quickly.

Intra-Operative (During Surgery)

Dr. Romo’s number one job is to look out for your well-being — and it’s a job he does not take lightly. This second step occurs during your surgery. You are now in the hands of one of the most respected facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the world. Even more important than his artistry and experience, is the fact that Dr. Romo is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, which means he brings to the table a level of expertise that ensures you’re in the best of hands.

Dr. Romo is known worldwide as a “super specialist” with over 25 years of experience in performing all of his innovative techniques. He designed and developed many of the surgical instruments he utilizes during his endoscopic procedures. Dr. Romo is the Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at both Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital (MEETH)/Northwell Health Systems, both in NYC. The surgical procedures he performs at these institutions engage world-class anesthesiologists, nurses, and professional staff to ensure your safety and comfort during your procedure.

Post-Operative (After Surgery)

The third and last step occurs after surgery. Our experienced recovery room nurses will tend to all of your concerns and personal needs. This nurturing, personalized care allows you to feel more comfortable after surgery, while providing safeguards and early intervention for any potential complications.

After leaving the surgery center, and when deemed necessary, you will be taken to the pre-arranged, local patient hotel for an overnight stay, accompanied by a private nurse who will provide continuous monitoring and care. Dr. Romo will visit you the next day and provide instructions for follow-up care and appointments. At subsequent office visits, sutures will be removed, healing will be assessed, and medications and supplements will be adjusted as needed to promote your rapid recovery.

In The News

Dr. Romo III is regularly featured in the media for his medical acumen and facial plastic surgery expertise.

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