Facial Reconstruction Surgery in NYC

When a facial reconstruction procedure is necessary following a traumatic injury or another medical procedure,  double board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Thomas Romo III, MD, FACS will use his artistic eye and surgical expertise to deliver incredibly natural-looking results.

Working exclusively on the face, nose, eyelids, brow, and neck, Dr. Romo specializes in minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures with a minimal recovery period. He has the highest level of technical expertise and precision, and his experience with thousands of surgeries over two decades has made him one of the most sought-after surgeons in the world. He has designed innovative techniques and endoscopic instruments and frequently travels the world to share his knowledge through international teaching and lecturing.

Nasal Fractures

After suffering from a nasal fracture, also known as a broken nose, proper treatment is crucial for preserving the appearance and function of the nose. A nose that is not set properly can result in undesirable asymmetry. As a double board-certified physician in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Romo can treat both structural and aesthetic concerns following a nasal fracture. He can also perform rhinoplasty on patients who experienced an earlier nasal fracture that was not set properly.

Septal Perforation Repair

Septal perforation is an avoidable complication of sep­tal surgery, but it can also occur because of a variety of traumatic, inflammatory or other reasons. Symptoms are usually related to disruption of the nor­mal flow of air through the nasal passages. Crust­ing, bleeding, loss of smelling can develop, along with other symptoms, lead­ing a patient to seek medical care. When local hygiene and conservative care are unsuccessful in relieving symp­toms, closure of the perforation is considered. Repair procedures are often complex and the failure of attempted closure of septal perforations can be as high as 80 percent. Dr. Romo specializes in septal perforation repair procedures. He developed an advanced, graduated approach to the closure of septal perforations that tailors the surgical approach to the size and location of the defect.

Post-Facial Trauma

There many possible causes of facial trauma, ranging from falls and automobile accidents to burns and sports-related injuries. When you experience a serious facial injury, proper treatment from an experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon is critical. Dr. Romo is a highly sought-after NYC facial plastic surgeon who frequently treats facial trauma, with services including emergency facial wound closure to prevent facial scarring as well as more significant facial reconstructive surgery. Dr. Romo is dedicated to restoring your facial structure and skin with the most natural-looking results and a rapid recovery.

Post-Mohs Skin Cancer

Dr. Romo has extensive experience in the reconstruction of Mohs surgical defects following removal of skin cancer on the face. Mohs micrographic surgery is a procedure that is performed by dermatologists with advanced training in the removal of certain skin cancer types. Following a Mohs procedure, it is quite common to see a facial plastic surgeon in order to have the surgery area repaired. As a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Romo frequently treats patients who have undergone Mohs treatment, utilizing highly specialized and meticulous techniques to minimize the appearance of the scar. He helps patients retain the natural appearance of their facial features without unsightly scarring.

In The News

Dr. Romo III is regularly featured in the media for his medical acumen and facial plastic surgery expertise.

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